Legend of the Last Vikings


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Legend of the last vikings taklamakan tear fund
332 pages of
Beautifully Bound, Non-stop
Action & Adventure
including maps ,an historical
companion, character descriptions
and a place name lexicon
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            Published by                                                           Edited by Words RU                                                         Printed by
   ABELA PUBLISHING, London                                                                                                                               Lightning Source
ISBN 9780956058409 (hard cover)
     9781907256004 (paperback)
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a Viking epic! indiana Jones eat your heart out - medieval action and adventure Replace the fedora with a helmet, the bull-whip with a sword and keep the leather jacket
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Legend of the Last Vikings Medieval Action and adventure in the genre of Indiana Jones along the Silk Route
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Legend of the last vikings taklamakan printed by lightning source
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Legend of the Last Vikings Book of the Year finalist
Wow... thank you so much for a fantastic book. Finished it last
night after a marathon reading. After reading Cornwell, Giles
Kristian, Robert Low & Tim Severin's viking sagas + a few others,
I must say that your fantastic saga was a refreshing one in the
way it was written, the story so unlike any of the others but still
sooooo breathtaking, fun and interesting.

I truly loved every second of it, found your alternate ending
today which is already printed out. My better half will just have
to deal with me nosing down in the saga once again tonight :-)
Odd Helge Gundersen
1067AD - The Year the Vikings Discovered China
EXCELLENT! The book tells a story that captures the reader on
several levels. What appears to be an historical novel becomes an
adventure set in a background of rich experiences and wide
diversity. This adventure, alongside the stories of the different
settlements and religions, and that of a moving love story, means
that this book provides a compelling and exciting journey of
discovery for both the characters in the book and the reader
Laura Stannard